Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey guys!
So, Thursday was one of the best days of my life. Well, to quickly let you in on what happened:

1. Hung out with my super sweet friend from Brazil, who enjoyed vegan food with me and forgave me for my constant snacking in virtually every class possible (her parents were nice too!)
2. Went to a concert where both opening band and featuring acts were AWESOME
3. Meeting Tally Hall and talking to them (my deformed hands are spazzing again as I type)
4. Getting to find an awesome cool band called Jukebox the Ghost (this is exactly the way I found out about Tally Hall back in December!)
5. Having SERIOUSLY AMAZING friends that will come with you w/o knowing the band prior AND dance with you AND pull you towards ANDREW who she cannot seem to be able to talk to and why am I suddenly in third person wait-------
6. Having half a vegan burger still in my bag for later

Now for the actual awesome details that you the reader may not read because I just spoiled everything. But alas! I trust you'll keep going!

So the day started off with a morning of draping and finishing my princess kimono sleeve in class (I got an A!) Then I left at 12 to go have lunch with my friend Haku from Brazil!

This is a delicious vegan burger I had for lunch! Got it at this new place that opened up called [Vegan] Loving Hut and I have to say, I'm defos going back because the portions were good and so were the prices. And I saved half of that burger, and it was still good 2 days later (as in, I ate it 5 minutes ago)

Haku and I camwhoring. Yes, I do have bangs now! And yeah, I had the crooked teeth already . . .

You can't see my eyes! I shoulda trimmed more, eh?
Top: Urban Outfitters
Suspendered Skirt: Peace Now
Black Tights
Broken Black Boots
Hat I forgot where I got
Scarf I "borrowed" from mi madre!
Red lipstick

After parting with Haku and going to photoshop class where I created flats for REALLY TACKY and yet awesome clothing (I call it tastefully tacky), I skidattled to meet my friends at Grand St. to head to Bowery Ballroom together.

I wanted a shoe pic and was all "lets make a star!" until I realized that was impossible because all we'd have is a triangle. Or in our case, a lima bean shape.

We were really early, and played 20 questions on the line. We also met some cool people in the process (of lining up, not playing 20 qs, although it could have happened both ways)

After much coldness, we got in and headed to the stage! No barriers! So we pressed ourselves against the stage and waited . . .

Skybox came out! I never heard them until that day, but they were good! And I hope I am right in saying Anthony is the keyboardist (?), and that guy SERIOUSLY moves. Like, I mean, his feet are constantly in motion. I LOVE IT.
I believe Christian is the one featured in the picture above. Only one picture because everything else was blurred.

Then Jukebox the Ghost came out. Seriously, LOVE THEM. I also had never heard of them until Thursday, but I am so glad I did!
This is Ben playing the keyboard. My friend Juliana and I decided he's wearing the universal pant because apparently our friend in Chicago has them, and so does Juliana's father. Does any one here have them?
But in all serious-ness, they are a really fun band. Sadly, two of the members were sick, but I wish them well the rest of the tour. At one point, Juliana and I linked hands and started dancing (yeah, they're that good).

THEN, it happened.

TALLY HALL CAME OUT TO DO SOUND CHECK (what? you can actually sense my heart palpitating from your screen? Jeez)

The set list

Zubin!!! I wanted this shot of him virtually not moving around because I read on a blog (I researched how they are during lives ahead of time, although I realize now I've witnessed them play live before) he moves around a lot.

And Rob! He was kneeling right in front of me, and during this time, my other friend had just come to the venue and asked me where I was. The reply I sent her: I'm right in front of Rob and his beard.

They played the first bit on stage, and of course I had a blast! Joe wasn't in because of personal reasons I was told, so there was a stand-in/back up! Apparently he only had a week to learn, and I gotta say, he did such a good job!

For the second set however, they told us all to sit down. I knew what was coming because of the aforementioned research I had done, but our area couldn't sit down due to a spill of a beverage under us. Luckily, we weren't blocking anyone, so we remained up.

They ended up on one side of the room, amidst the audience! And continued to play their songs, in acoustic versions.

Andrew!!!! I got multiple pictures of him, but this is pretty much the only not very blurry one I got (I know, my camera sucks, especially on zoom!)
But he was adorable as usual!
And P.S. No pictures of Ross playing because his head was blocked by a lampshade the entire time. [tears] I mean, I'm sure he'd look good with the lamp shade on, but not right in front of him.

I know, I'm shocked too! I managed a decent shot! And they're looking mighty snazzy in it.

So after they played their songs, they started to sing Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel! With the members of Jukebox the Ghost! What a great ending to a concert!

Now normally, I go to concerts of Japanese bands and this just pretty much never happens, but after this concert, the band members literally all just mingled around talking to fans! I think I experienced culture shock! And I'm not even from Japan!

So at Japanese concerts, you HAVE to talk formally to band members and be super polite because, well, it's the way of the culture. So of course I freaked when my friends pushed me towards Andrew, where an awkward conversation ensued because I don't know when to stop talking. But after a while, I was fine with it. He's so easy to talk to! And so was Ross, who I spoke to next.

Afterwards, my friends and I went to get merch (I bought a Tally Hall Tee and a Jukebox cd because again, I fell in love). Going back up to where everyone was, we bumped into Jesse from JtG! Again, really cool person to talk to! And he thanked us for being happy throughout the concert!

Then it was time for us to say hi to Rob because, well, it just was. AND HE IS JUST TOO DARN DOWN TO EARTH. AND AS SWEET AS APPLE PIE (I'm going to be a loser by saying he's sweeter than apple pie!)
After telling him my friend Crysbel and I found out about Tally Hall at the Rooney concert in December, he was glad he came to see their concert this time around. And when we asked for a pic, he said "I'm the one who wants to take a picture with you." [insert super excited 5 year old face]

Sorry, can't subject you guys to my ultra shiny face, but this heart that I managed to pull out from within myself has masked it.

Then we switched with Juliana and Lesley. And guess who offered to hold all our stuff?

I think this quote from Crysbel describes perfectly what all of us were thinking: "I'm never washing this."

Finally, we went back to Jesse for signing cds, and well, because he was just that nice.

And then to Ben, who I think could be the next Mr. Tumnus from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. And yeah, he was super great and awesome too!

Yes/No on the Mr. Tumnus? Apparently when this pic was taken, smoke came out of my friend's camera? I think it was slightly more excited than us (although, I don't see how that's possible, but then again, I'm not a camera)

After all the excitement, I came home around 2, and although I refused to sleep, ended up doing so anyway.

I wound down with a nice breakfast of fruit and yogurt the next morning. Then I wished for the bands to come back again soon (still wishing).

Thanks everyone for reading! Better go to school now, if I want any chance of finishing that pesky pattern homework! Toodles!


  1. The vego burger looks HUGE! Seems like you really did have the BEST day of your life. I'm still waiting for mine. :P

    I'm going to go check out those bands. :)

  2. you sounded like you had so much fun!!! :D

    i always wanted to try loving hut, i pass by it everyday going home haha.

  3. I had such a great time!!!!!!!! *o*~
    Thank you!
    the vegan burger was the most delicious burger I have ever ate o_o really XD
    I see the nicht was awesome, hun? What a tall guy, btw o_o~
    I'm gonna send you my pics, ok? ^^ I arrived home a few hours ago D: so tired! so in the next few days check your LJ PM ^^
    thanks again, hope see you soon


  4. when you wrote he offered to hold all your stuff, I just burst out laughing SO loud in my quiet quiet room...I was filled with so much glee hahahhaha

  5. your outfit is soo cute!! <3