Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am so tired and yet I stay awake

I'm trying not to be a living contradiction right now. Or you know, whatever they call it that would fit with what I said in the title.

I'm so tired right now. It may be because of the evening classes I have to endure every Monday and Tuesday, or my sore legs, or so much do-over sewing in sewing class, but I am just burnt. But I hate having to sleep without taking care of things (like reading my emails and writing here), so thar we go.

The Highlights of Today
  • Ate some Mamoun's Falafel for the first time. I think it's my fav next to Maoz, and it's so price friendly! The only thing is it has a very oniony taste due to the raw onion they put on the top. I don't mind, but the taste will be there for a little while. Other than that, portion and price is awesome. And my friend also got a side order of hummus and they give you extra pita bread and A LOT of hummus. You can take that baby home and put it in your sandwich for tomorrow. Yum.
  • Really hott guys at St. Marks in the evening. Also cute tall intellectual types on the F train home.
  • What SUCKED was this guy and girl who, the guy was looking for the girl while we were about to sit, and then she came outta nowhere and slid where we were going to sit. Which wouldn't matter too much except that I was carrying many things and also that they just didn't seem to care. Oh well . . . New York subways.
  • Class ended mondo early and for some strange unknown reason, our class next next week is canceled because my professor is going to go meet the president of the Dominican Republic??? (What?) So yay?

OH, and I was just rummaging through some email and out came an email about the Top 10 WORST restaurant salads. I haven't eaten any of them (some of them from Chevy's, Chili, Quiznos) and I shall keep it that way. When it comes to salads, my feelings are I can make them and customize them, which means I'm not really going to a restaurant to get one.

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