Monday, October 26, 2009

Bergdorf Goodman and random things

I decided to stop avoiding it because eventually (like NOW) I would come to realize that Bergdorf Goodman hosts awesome events, and that I would have to sign up to their mailing list. Luckily I managed to enter their sweepstakes while doing so! All ends well.

I have been up to the following:

- Drawing on black mounting boards with silver and gold pens!
- Drinking graham cracker coffee (I bought it b/c it seemed unique) and taking 3 hours to finish it (I am not a coffee person normally)
- BUYING CHAI FINALLY YES (and drinking it now)
- Using many parenthesis
- Trader Joe (well, when do I ever not?)
- Seeing Chloe Dao from Project Runway season 2 on the street near FIT. But me being me, I was late again and she seemed to be walking somewhere with someone, so I just passed by.
- Plotting Halloween with my friend AND looking at tickets to Rooney at Webster Hall in December. And since the show I was going to got cancelled (it was a Japanese singer named Miyavi), I may go to this one . . .

Oh, and I got some nice things in the mail. I shall take pictures for next time!

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