Saturday, October 3, 2009

I've been pretty lazy . . .

Highlights again~!

1. Did half a dirndl (no "e"!!!) skirt for Flat Pattern only to find out I got a C on it because I forgot to draw seam allowance on my pattern. That doesn't really make sense to me though because I would prefer to draw the seaw allowance on the actual fabric so I know where the original line is. Bah, whatever, I still have a few more shots in the future.

2. I watched some more Chopped Champions today. That guy/cook Cody (if you know him, you know him) is so smug all the time, it sorta bothers me. Oh well, I guess more confidence is better than absolutely none at all.
Oh, and I remember talking to my friend on the phone once about how depressing the show is. Well, she thought it was depressing because they basically stick you in a room and give you random ingredients and expect you to create masterpieces in 20 minutes. That, and for me, Ted Allen doesn't smile which makes me go [sad face]. But I do indeed love that show because there's something about cook-offs that excite me, and it's another reason to watch Aaron Sanchez (IF HE'S ON THAT IS)

3. I can't go to Vera Wang because train tickets ended up being more than we thought and I'm a college student which makes everything self explanatory.

Today I felt like doing a photoshoot. And then I accidentally fell asleep. I looked out the window, and it was raining. Whoopeeeeeeeeeee <--------------- not So that plan was gone. Instead, I decided to be crafty, got out some nautical Japanese whipped cream sweets maker kits, and created some lovely plastic goodies for friends and me-self. I still have a ton of "whipped cream" left over so now I'm kinda just rummaging around for anything hard flat and plastic to cover in said cream. I would kinda do over my phone again, but then it'd be such a hassle to take what's already on it off, so I'm just not even going to deal with that. In other news, I found a lovely drapey black cotton shirt at Buffalo Exchange! It was like 2 sizes bigger than me, but it looked fine since it was supposed to look drapey and I wear big things all the time. That, and I could wear it almost like a dress.

Sadly, didn't get it because it was kinda more money than it should've been for second hand. Also, I think I can make it if I sat down and decided I had to. So I just didn't get anything that day.

What I did get though was some tasty homemade granola bars at Whole Foods. I would post pictures if I HAD any (fail), and I would draw it if I could draw a detailed picture of it's yummy awesome-ness with all it's seeds and dried fruits and thick oat goodness packed in a square, but since I can't, please let your imagination run wild.

That's all from me this time around. Now I need to properly tag this because I always forget to the first time around.

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