Monday, October 19, 2009

I need to so so many things

I'm getting slow in updating my blog because of the workload at school and also the lack of energy to write things down. Sadly, I've been doing many awesome things so that should not happen! *shame shame*

Let's list what I've been up to that people may want to know!

1. Went to Topshop Event for students with my friend and took a gander at lovely goodie bags and awesome fun-ness galore.
2. Went to the Union Square Farmers market and bought apples twice the size of my fist.
3. Ate at Max Brenner's for the first time! Which is sad to say I have no food porn to show you, but I will say the Chocolate Pizza was really quite good! I love my chocolate!
4. Saw Where the Wild Things Are. I personally thought it was really good but it may be one of the most depressing things I've seen in a while. Really, the ending was not that happy. Still good to watch though, because the range of emotions that Max goes through is superbly acted.
5. Almost had a heart attack because my sleeve pattern was lost. Ended up going through a series of people to get a trace of their sleeve (everyone basically had a traced sleeve from the teacher), and got an A on my project! I wish life would be made of happy endings such as those.

Because I was in the mood to watch Alan Rickman sing. Well, Alan Rickman as anything really.

So's I went to Le Gap and saw this dress:
It's pretty cute! My only reasoning for not getting it is that I have similar dresses and I wasn't really in the mood to buy it. But it is cute. Well, after taking pictures of the dress, decided I should take pictures of my outfit for the day.

Of course I managed to be looking away!
My favorite what-cha-ma-call it cape poncho thing. I think I wore it almost all of last week. It drapes in the best of ways! Top is a blouse I bought of Yahoo Auctions, the skirt is a skirt I got on sale at Elizabeth Center in Chinatown (odd yes, I know, but nice!), tights ar F21, and boots are very very old.
If anyone hasn't noticed, I cut my hair since last picture of me. So now I have something sort of a bob.

Now I must brave myself for colder weather.

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