Saturday, October 10, 2009

Should really get going . . .

My friend and I were supposed to go and get student rush tickets for Hamlet today, but because she came in town really late last night and I kinda snoozed early and woke up late this morning, we kinda just had to skip the whole adventure. Which is a shame because I was watching NY1 this morning, and as always, they do On Stage, and they conveniently did a review for Hamlet. Apparently Jude Law is excellent in it and manages to control his character Hamlet really well, and the other actors do a good job as well and are not overshadowed by Law's presence.

I've never been quite on target when it comes to being charmed by Jude Law (I've always gone for the more Ryan Gosling type), but God I love Shakespeare and if this doesn't turn me around, I'm guessing nothing will.

My other agendas of the day (now that the first has been cancelled) is to get off my lazy bum, go to the Farmer's Market that's only opened on Saturdays, and then head over to Juicy Couture's Anniversary Party on 5th Ave. Not that it actually is a party, more or less, it's an event that consists of games and photo ops, but sounds fun none the less.

I really must find a friend now who will accompany me today because I have been cursed as a creature who prefers company over solitude.

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  1. I want to watch this too! Ms.Corbin was going to take us..but I don't know what happened. we should go if it's still playing!