Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In other news

Copy and pasta my little insight [to my friend] on how the Ungaro show went in relation to the article written by The Cut:

"Oh my god, I just saw the whole collection on style.com. It's pretty hideous. I think I liked one whole outfit (a wrapped navy two piece), and then maybe a few pieces ON IT'S OWN, but watch those be mostly thought up by Estrella. The rest, along with the random heart on boobs and foreheads styling was really just plain wrong. I mean, just because you're Lindsay Lohan doesn't mean you can get away with it. I think the only unfair thing to say about the article is they chose the ugliest looks to go in the article, but everything else is pretty right. It's not new or fresh and the hearts made me think Valentine's Day came 5 months early."


That being said, Tim Burton's "Magical Fashion" pictures for his exhibit in the Moma are GORGEOUS. I am so glad I live in New York City, otherwise I wouldn't have access to so many events/happenings.

The 4th picture (above) is pretty much my favorite, and lo and behold it's Alexander McQueen. What else is new? Speaking of which, his collection (s/s 2010) was fabulous. It started off kind of "Okay, pattern, pattern, pattern," and it was all really well done and structurally great, but it started to get really good when the moving water like skirts and almost translucent shiny fabrics came out. Even though there was nothing on the models chest for one or two of the pieces, the beauty and the non-vulgarity of the designs made it very European (in the sense that in the classical period, nude was considered beautiful, all of which is coined in Europe). And from what I hear, the set-up of the show was great.

I get happy when designers I like do well. Long live the [Mc]Queen, right?

images credited to style.com and harpersbazaar.com

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