Sunday, October 4, 2009

If I was a French girl

So my friend Ana messaged me today after I sent her this hilarious article about how Tim Gunn is apparently the reason behind Lindsay Lohan becoming artistic adviser for Ungaro.

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Apparently Tim Gunn and the fact that she has clothes strewn all over room are the reasons why. As I am recently prone to saying:
Girlfriend, please.

But beside the point, my friend was replying back to me and at the end of the message, she tells me that Aya is supposedly a French Haitian name.

Okay, whether it be true or not, that is pretty much the COOLEST thing that has been told to me today (okay, LIES because I attended a Medieval festival for the first time and saw probably the largest amount of men in tights ever and nothing will compare to conversations about men in tights frolicking about with swords and turkey legs BUT more of that will come later)

See, if I could choose, I would be like:

That would kinda complete me. For life. I could go around being a cute little french girl with my bread and butter, and then bust out some chopsticks and rice and my sparkly deco-ed cellphone. I would be the coolest kid on the block. No joke. And I'd go around zoos and say poo poo to tigers. Guys, don't you see it????

Anyway, this totally just gave me an idea for what to be for Halloween. I am so thanking Ana later.

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