Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top Shop Sale on Thursday

So my game plan for this week revolves around finishing my sleeves for flat pattern, and then treating myself to a well-deserved sale at Top Shop. And apparently people line up and it gets crazy and sell out fast hence why everything left over when I get there is a size 10; therefore my friend and I must/should get ready for battle.

Game plans should always include:

-A brave soul
-Food for nourishment. Water for replenishment.
-Cash for, well, tom-foolery to the highest extent
-A camera to record said tom-foolery

I actually have not seen anything I really want from Topshop recently, except maybe some cute London based accessories and boyfriend sweaters. But we shall see . . .

Also haven't mentioned the fact that I am just so into Karlie Kloss these days. SHE IS PERFECT IN EVERY SINGLE SENSE OF THE WORD.

I just love her. Not to mention that she's so young that there's no doubt that we'll keep seeing her for years to come. She is just as darling as apple pie! I'm also smitten over the fact that she walked for Sonia Rykiel and blew kisses in the crowd.


For more info, go here:

But yes, I am pretty much stoked for the spring 2010 collab. I need to go and waste life until then. Time to buy a planner!

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