Friday, October 23, 2009

I call myself a prick all the time

Because I am guys. I'm a little prick that thinks she's the coolest kid on the block. And yeah, I think I'm gonna start carrying tin lunch boxes and heavy alcohol scented markers everywhere to draw on people.

Haha, you wish I were lying.

Okay, I sorta am. But it's too fun to teeter on the edge of ridiocraty (and yeah, I know that's not a word). Oh, but I do want a tin lunch box. And walkie talkies. Cellphones get boring after a while.

So this week, my mannequin in Draping class got stolen so I had to use another one, with legs. It's better that way because it didn't show how SHORT my flare skirt turned out (I called it cheerleader short to sound cute, but it's pretty skankalicious). I got a 'B' on it, but alas, I shall BLOW MY PROFESSORS MIND AWAY WITH MY COOL MIDRIFF.

I've also been thinking that lately I've been pretty boring with my lack of a camera (actually I just forget to carry it around) even though I go out and do many things. It makes the inner blogger in me oh-so-sad.

Today (a few seconds ago), I almost jizzed my pants because I saw these shoes I wanted for half price on ebay. Ebay is like a mother to me. A mother that spoils me and kisses my boo boos (because earlier today I went to see the shoes AGAIN in Trash and Vaudeville but they're pricey man). I won't reveal what shoes, but I will say they're Dr. Martens.

I also decided Trader Joe's dried mangoes are pretty awesome for various reasons:

1. THEY ARE CHEAP. A pack for $1.60+.
2. They are sweet. My only complaint is that they have added sugar (me thinks it's because they were dried before peaking, therefore making them cheaper). But it's a WAY better alternative to candy, and the taste of mango is still there.
3. My favorite part: they create friends. I just offer them to kids in my class, and now everyone's happy. Who doesn't like mangoes? Seriously guys, SERIOUSLY. Buy some and share.
4. Again, back to the added sugar, it's okay with me because after getting to college, I tend to skip bigger meals and opt for smaller ones. And I need the sugar to keep me alive and happy.

Therefore I shall go and buy myself another pack sometime soon. Just don't consume too many at once because they are sweet and have calories. I usually go for 1-3 pieces throughout the day (not at once).

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