Monday, February 15, 2010

Food, Food, Food

Made possible by the new Starbucks in my cafeteria! However, I don't drink coffee, so this is just tea.

Yogurt is a girl's best friend. So are apples. And clementines. And dried figs.

Steamed kabocha pumpkin and partially eaten dried persimmon.

Mini clementines atop my textiles textbook!

Whole Foods dinner: Steamed kale, grape tomatoes, noodles, chicken parmesan, cucumbers, tofu.

Pomme frites! With the new wild mushroom sauce. Good stuff.

German Ritter Sports! Got these at economy candy. First time having them, and yay, I like them. They shall go excellently with my leftover dried figs . . .

Valentine's Day made better with Jacques Torres. Of course my family got to it first (luckily there is still some left over)! Also including chocolate covered almonds and orange peels (second pic).


  1. Mushroom Sauce (Y)

  2. hahah its funny seeing ritter sports in your blog because i always (if its food) see things that i'm not familiar with but ritters i've known for ages haha XD