Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inside this brain is another brain of which you are inside this brain is another brain of which you are inside this brain

Today's Focus:

Louise Gray Fall 2010 Ready to Wear Collection.

Why we're focusing: Well, first of all, it's not monotone. Black is pretty much the dominant color this fall (recession = back to basics and fail proof colors) and so are colors like white, cream, camel, and maybe purples and reds (in plaid pieces).
This is like a war between rainbows and my imagination.

Another reason is the textures. I think a lot of people are playing with textures this fall, but the way it's combined with colors and patterns in this collection makes it stand out more. There's also similar treatment on the shoes.

I also love layering. And although I can see this collection being a hit or miss with people because so much of the pieces are layered with things that seemingly don't go together, I think it makes it quirky and fun.

I personally wouldn't wear everything in this collection, but I'm loving the vintage looking trend right now, and this is just fun.

Images via and editing by me.

Snap, I ran out of interesting things to say. Tally Hall, help me!

Uhhhhhh, well, that didn't really help . . .

What? This is unrelated? Wait, what? I can't hear you. All I can hear is . . .

I hope you my dear readers know that yes, I am trying to brainwash you. Good day.


  1. I love those blue oxfords! And I love Tally Hall. Remember that song "Mary-Kate and Ashley"?

  2. I love their music. saw it on your page and added them. haha.