Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Miscounting and Photoshop HW

Hey, remember my last post about the 101st post? Well, I miscounted apparently (or I'm Ricky Retardo) so this is actually my 101st post, and the last one was 100!!

Anyway, I also mentioned my photoshop project last time. Well, here it be:

Basically, the professor gave us a bunch of pictures featuring steam punk items and a runway model. He told us to create a steam punk outfit from the items, and well, here's mine.
I added shadows on the belt and bag to make it more real, but the perfectionist in me wants to edit a few things. Oh well, too bad it's only accessible through the school computers.
Other than that, I'm pretty chipper with the results.

Anyway, tomorrow is a snow day (I know, remember those? Yeah . . . happens like once in a blue moon) But I plan to snooze in tomorrow. And maybe cut my bangs.

Toodles all!


  1. Yours came out so much better than mines did xD
    And omg I'm so happy for tomorrow! *_* This is my first snow day for....like 4 years or something!

  2. wooahh looks pretty..u got some nice photoshop skills there :)

    i think i've only had 3 snow days in my entire life, i'm so glad no school!

  3. oh and reply to ur comment
    u can go check out the lion dances at chinatown or flushing on sunday! :D
    but i always wanted to experience how the japanese celebrate new years too, their food looks so yummyy~