Thursday, February 25, 2010

March is a-coming . . .

So I'm trying this thing in March to basically improve my energy levels and overall performance. The plan is to get rid of the icky in my body and make my life healthier, and to see how I feel at the end of the month. It's also part of Lent, since I wanted to give up junk food. Here's the plan:

1. No junk food
I always believe that all foods can be taken in moderation, but I wanted to cut some of the junk that I don't need.

2. Exercise 4x a week
This is a real commitment for me because I love exercising and I try to do it often, but with school and then school work, I'm finding it increasingly harder to keep up. So I will try to push this in.

3. Sleep by 11 4x a week
Again, with school work, this has been hard. So I'm trying to make it so that I still have some days a week I can work late on projects.

Those are basically my main goals for the month of March. I'm really excited to see my progress. I'll post up the progress once it gets going.

Katie over at Lilveggiepatch is giving one lucky winner a $50 shopping spree at iHerb! iHerb is "a vitamin, supplement, and health food superstore". I've been surfing the site for the past few minutes, and they have A LOT and I'm excited. So you should be too.
Click on the lilveggiepatch text above to find out deets on how to enter! Good luck everyone!

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  1. No junk food seems okay, I can do that. But sleeping by 11 - that's a real hard one. Because even if you get to bed at 11 - You'd probably be rolling for a few hours until you fall asleep. :P Exercising should be okay as well, since you LOVE it (: (Just write out a set timetable - It'll definitely help.)