Monday, February 1, 2010

The sweater shed on me.

Hey guys, how was your Monday?

Mine started off with a large dosing of tracing patterns in sewing, followed by making patterns in flat pattern. You can imagine the joy on my face when I found out I had to redo my slacks sloper because I had the wrong hip measurement (Note: this is sarcasm).

Oh, and my locker still scares me. I have deemed tomorrow's 6 hour break "Clean out locker and make it happy" time.

Today's outfit!
-Red beret knit by mi amiga!
-Black sweater from Zara
-Cool necklace that's hard to see from an Indian Festival in Queens
-Striped sweater that sadly shed on me but was the warmest thing ever from Topshop (got it at the crazy buy one get one sale!)
-Black tights
-XOXO Knee High boots
I'm also wearing some Peace Now shorts under thar but you can't see it under the sweater.

Now to share some recent food pictures:

1. The one where my friends and I attempt to make pasta and succeed (after some tom-foolery)
2. The one where I purchase chunks of energy and put them in my bowl of yogurt with what looks like radioactive bananas in the picture
3. The one where we celebrate my dad's birthday with a chocolate cake from Black Hound!

Yes, food is good. Good food is heaven. And heaven is where I like to be.

Well, I shall get back to straightening my posture and reading emails! Toodles spaghetti noodles!

1 comment:

  1. the spaghetti looks yum :3
    ur outfit looks great, i dressed so casually yesterday haha