Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tally Hall, Christmas Cards, Smoothies

Yay for posting 5 minutes after the last post (I'm not bored, I swear)! I'm actually trying to make up for my lack of activity the past two days (I was so busy I had no time, but deets on that will come later).

So here is a late Christmas card I recently received from my friend Jennie!

And she made me a Stilettos at the Dinner Table ornament/bookmark! Look at the cuteness~
I shall be using this whilst reading my current book (since I actually don't use bookmarks and just look around for the page).
This is perfect, thanks Jennie!

I also have utilized my new single serve blender!

Success! At first I had problems because it only chopped the fruits on the bottom, but I just kept pushing it down, and then it was fine. And well, it tasted good!

LASTLY, I HAVE TO MENTION TALLY HALL ohmygoshnefjnadhiojrjfnjknknaldmfngjkh4hednklnlskdl;ALRK344KFNKSjfnjkdgkjsnknkjenkjNFJKknjkkJFKJNjkfnfjk43kn489tndkjndk!

Oops, sorry, so apparently I do have an obnoxious teenager inside of me.
I think I've mentioned them before, and if I haven't, then I did mention the fact that there were 2 opening bands at the Rooney concert I went to previously. Well, they were one of them, and they were the band my friend and I got really into afterward. Really, it makes my deformed fingers twitch (but that is a different story entirely).

I'm hoping to see them soon in concert! I'm excited because I know songs and lyrics now too! [giddy] I even promoted them on Facebook through retarded dance moves to their songs on a video which I thought my friend could only see but I was wrong (oh well, the more people know, the better)

So on that note, I'm off to have some fun with mr. youtube. Toodles!

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