Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day makes me want chocolate!

Okay who are we kidding? I want chocolate regardless of what day it is.

Hey chickeedoodles and doods!
I've been wanting to hibernate it's so cold, but haven't had the time to! Too much stuff to do!

Yesterday I found myself hanging with my friends Anna and Ana (I know, this confused me all evening)

Anna had to go get a hair cut, so I went on an adventure with Ana. The result: I ended up going to 3 places I've been meaning to go to, and they were all in the area. And it was completely unplanned! I'd like to think of this as fate.

Before I go into deets, my outfit rundown:
-Fake glasses (you know this by now)
-Geoffrey Beene muffler
-H&M cardigan (it zips up, but I bought it big so I just tied it around the waist)
-The GazettE [band] tee
-Gap Jeans
-Payless heeled booties

Funny how my toes, which normally pinch a little in these shoes, didn't hurt at all because they were just too frozen. [tears]

First stop was Babycakes! It's this vegan bakery located in the lower east side. This is my second time going here. Ana and I split a lemon and a vanilla cupcake.
Great tip about this place:
They have a 2 for 1 deal for one day old cupcakes. Of course, there are more flavors in the fresh cupcakes department, but at $3.25 a pop, that could defos add up. And I was just in the mood for some gluten free sugary goodness.
Verdict: I had high hopes (maybe too high), so it didn't really match up. They were pretty good, but nothing too special. Good for if you're in the area, but I wouldn't shlep over here too often for some. Of course, they have other things like scones and cookies and those may be better.
The place is also a tad small so seating is if you're lucky. I'd aim for the corner near the heater too, for reasons that must be known to all in NY at this time. [cough]

Eating continues as we were heading to Organic Grill, but ended up finding Tien Garden, a vegan (see a trend?) Asian-fusion eatery! This was also found downtown. It's a small place (in size), but on the day we went, not many people were there, so it didn't affect us.
The prices and portions are both good. You can get, on the menu picture above, a general idea of how much dishes are. With $15 including tax and tip, you can become full and happy.
We ordered the wonton soup and satay udon. The satay udon was flavored well in my opinion. The veggie ham was average, but the sauce made everything taste better. I didn't eat any of the wonton (since it was technically for Ana), but the soup itself was light and nice.
There's about one guy working up front, and then some cooks in the back. This guy was really nice and answered all our questions. The place is a tad cold though, because the heating kept going on and off. But it may also be because yesterday was just abnormally freezing.

I just passed by this store and got a kick outta their lego Beatles figures. Oh Ringo, you and your nose . . .

Finally, we found Economy Candy! Sorry for the blur-tastic photos, I was excited and also hyped on sugar.
Well, a little story: a couple of my friends have mentioned this place and told me just how great it was. I've been wanting to go on numerous occasions but always forget to write down the address. Funny conclusion is that this happened to be 2 blocks away from a friend's house, and I've probably passed by it a couple of times.
The walls are all covered in candy. Every corner is candy. I'm sure if the people working there could be candy (like you know, the sour patch kids), they would be.
Everything is really well priced (I got a nice little bag of goodies for around $2), and there is a big selection. There's also some dried fruits and nuts, if anyone is interested in going there for anything other than candy. In the back are pictures of celebs who have stopped by (I wonder what Jude Law bought . . . ), and right now, there's some Valentine's chocolates in the front.
I don't eat candy too often, but I had to get some, and so, I did.

Now as a wrap up, a little animation for you all, made possible by my camera and mini bag of m&ms:

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. ur little animation is so cute! happy vday and chinese new yr to u :)

  2. sorry I forgot to give you a wonton. lame.
    this place supposedly has vegan options, nearby tiengarden:
    Also read this review for babycakes:
    Yeah, the frosting is in cute pastel colors. Yeah, it's gluten-free, which is ridiculously oh-so-trendy right now (seriously, how many of its 'gluten-free lifestyle' customers ACTUALLY have celiac disease? None of them clearly have it bad enough that the spelt they use liberally here would harm them). But the frosting tastes kinda weird. not like frosting should. And the cookies and cakes themselves are kinda dry, kinda bland. Certainly not worth their price.

    This place does NOT deserve its reputation. You can pick up better vegan baked goods at Whole Foods, or pretty much any vegan restaurant in the city. Seriously. Kudos for being the only vegan bakery in Manhattan, but this place needs to step up its game, or else a bigger, badder, tastier vegan bakery might take its place true.
    also the cake shop is not too far away...supposedly it's the land of hipsters..but during the daytime, when it's actually a bakery, and not a place where bands play and people drink beer, supposedly the vegan goodies are good/decent. ahhh...WOW SO MANY VEGAN OPTIONS NEAR MY WORK...and what the hell! I thought I was in a location where there was nothing! hahahhaha.

  3. oh my goshhhhh you HAVE to check out the reviews for this place. IT IS HILIARIOUSSSS damnnn...if I wasn't vegan...I'd march in there and love to be yelled at that Corbin's glaring eyes can be a breezeee...hell yeah...hahaha.a...just enjoy the owner....haha
    Read a couple reviews...especially the first two: