Sunday, February 21, 2010

This old man he played two he played knick knack on my shoe

Speaking of 2, here are 2 outfits I haven't posted yet, from the previous week. I know, the quality is saddening. Well, you'll have to make do while I comment on the deets of what I wore:

Outfit 1:
-Dolce and Gabbana yellowxgray shirt
-H&M Gray tank
-Blue jean shorts
-black tights
-XOXO thigh highs
-New bag I recently required (see below)

Outfit 2:
-Vintage Gap jean blouse (taken from my mom)
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Uniqlo sweat pants
-Anna Sui glittery tights
-Nina booties
-Fake glasses
-Black cap

I love this new bag! It's humongous (which is perfect for school), but you can clip it on the sides to make it smaller. It also comes with shoulder straps, so it's possible to wear it multiple ways!
Can you guess the brand?

I recently made a big yogurt concoction. It was actually kinda hard to put the cereal on top of that without it falling. That cereal by the way is by The Three Sisters, which is a great brand that doesn't use boxes (eliminating waste) and makes naturally good cereal.

Then in school recently, I almost killed myself by carelessly dropping a needle in my chocolate cake and almost eating it. Yes, I do fail.

But speaking of school, I have to leave right now to go and finish some more draping homework. Here's another sample picture of my fashion week (I should just keep doing this and make you guys guess what happened . . . but not)

In the tents.


  1. vivienne bag!!!! *o* waaaaaaaaaaaaah *grabs and runs*

    would be great have luch with you! Or we could hang out on thursday after your class ^^
    I'll have a cellphone in NY with a us number, can I have yours? so I can text you there ^^

  2. I like the scarf (Y)

  3. i like your style lol was the last picture from a fashion show?