Monday, March 8, 2010

Lets play catch up with a cup of chai

I wish I had chai right now actually. But lazy me, I don't feel like boiling water to make some, and well, I'm going to get off soon to do work and sleep so, oh well. No chai for me. [tears]

So it's Monday, which clearly means one thing!


For those of you who just started reading, I would like to clarify that this is my "lent" <---- note quotation bunnies

Basically, I started in March because it was virtually easier to record the time. So far, I've been staying true. I think the sleeping is definitely a big one for me (11 o' clock, yikes!) To some people it's not a big deal, but to me, it is. A lot of work, and on top of that having time to have fun and hang out with people makes my days pretty . . . hefty. Well, I believe my sleeping schedule is regulating a bit, because I'm getting tired when I should be now!

Food is pretty easy. Actually, I've been feeding off of these granola bars practically everyday:

How humongous is that?? That's Whole Foods granola for you. It's been on sale 2 weeks in a row, and I LOVE IT. I have always loved it, but now that it's on sale, I find myself stocking up. I actually eat this every second in class, because I can't seem to stop snacking. And I don't have the attention span for gum (long story).

I also grabbed some food from Whole Foods recently (not surprised, are ya?)

I find myself very much into kale for the past few months! My family tends not to eat it, but I always get it now when getting food at Whole Foods.

On a different note, recently in draping class, my professor brought in vintage fashion magazines!

I LOVE vintage magazines. I think they're some of the best sources for inspiration, not to mention everything always comes back. I really wish the crazy mod hairstyles would come back soon . . .

As for the Oscars yesterday, did anyone here watch it?
I came home just in time to watch some of the red carpet, and then the actual show. The hosting was standard fare I guess, and I wasn't floored with many of the outfits. There were some I enjoyed very much, but I guess that's coming in a later post, eh?

I'm leaving you guys now with a video of Jukebox the Ghost playing their "Good Day". I truly think you will have a good day after hearing this song.

Well, have a good day !


  1. Those WF granola bars are so good!!! I love the coconutty goodness.

    My mom and I both collect vintage magazines and fashion plates... they're framed all over our walls!

  2. thanks ^^
    vintage magazines are love <3
    really? thats so lucky of you! i hope some store near here decides to sell popteen and more T_T