Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feeling a little pink and curly?

Hey y'all! Today is Sunday which means tomorrow is Monday which means school again (oh, the vicious cycle). Today I plan to go to school again to finish up my jacket for flat pattern class.

Yesterday I got some lining for my jacket in sewing, but not having the minimum for using my card, I had to grab a few other yards of fabric. One for a future skirt, and another for my flat pattern final!

My outfit from yesterday:

It was HOT yesterday. Seriously, walking under the sun, I slightly regretted wearing a long sleeve shirt (given I was only wearing a blazer on top). However, NY weather likes to play games, so of course while watching NY1 this morning, I was hit with the realization that it would go back to cold weather this upcoming week. FUN.

-Blazer from Buffalo Exchange (but from H&M, just like the dress I posted before)
-"I had a session with a guitar player" raglan shirt from Uniqlo
-Old pair of overalls
-Pink tights from H&M
-Random necklace you can't see [tears]
(also, all those books in the corner? Just a portion of my dad's books. But he has more cooking magazines)

I also went to yogurt station in St. Marks yesterday with my friends (after some pattern making)

Of course to keep with my good little trend this month, I topped it with fruits, nuts, granola, and yogurt chips. YUM.

On a totally different note, I realize I never talk much about make-up and cosmetics here. I will tell you right now, I LOVE make-up. I love the natural looking stuff for everyday wear, but I dig the crazy avant garde makeup for photo shoots and personal projects.

Lately I've been coveting matte looks for the eyes and pink blushes. Is this Spring's influence?


For a while now, Ive been wanting to try Benefit's Benefit to Go set from Sephora.

The main reason for wanting to try this out is the Posietint. For the original price for a whole bottle ($28), I could try this sample out, along with 3 other products. Now, the samples are VERY small. But for $10, I think it's worth it. I mean, they're small enough to take with you (hence the go part) and you get variety. The high beam also looks promising.

I also really need an eyelash curler. And of course, what product first comes to mind when someone says that?

Oh Shu, how I want you in my makeup bag (actually, my bag is pretty full and you won't fit, but I'll fix it up so you can).
All my money is currently being used for fabric and school supplies, but someday, I will own you! SOMEDAY!!!

As a final note, I have something exciting to introduce to you guys in the upcoming week! I need some time to write out a full post, but be on the look out for it! I'm off to go to school now, but I'll see you guys soon!


  1. Are you going to fashion/design school? I like those bright pink tights. Almost looks coral in this lighting.

    P.S. I also have mad love for second hand stores. Low-low priced ones, that is ;)

  2. Oh, my Sunday just ended and now its a Monday :( *Drags self to Uni.

  3. going to school sunday is terrible D:
    Can you believe I like make-up too but almost never use them?.... I have a lot of eye shadows, "tools" and stuff. I need lipsticks.
    I am so addicted to yogo icecream with fruits. Could eat it everyday.

  4. your outfit is so cute!! it inspires me to do something about my overalls

  5. Although shu makes the best curler out there, I've been using my $1 ELF curler and it is -amazing-. I say, give it a try ;)