Monday, March 15, 2010

For lack of things to say or show . . .

poetry tells me
to define life I cannot do
and the pen hurts as I grip it's solid body
cold it was left aside.
Gibberish people call it I do
insanity is genius others say
I say you don't care.
incantational inspirational speeches
mystifies senses I don't possess.
I ask why me
I suffer with stoppered ink.

designed by viktor and rolf, poem by me, image from


  1. THAT IS A WICKED GOWN. love it

  2. That's cool! That's so creative!
    And yes, I saw Gaga/Beyonce Telephone video everywhere also :D
    I had to have it in my blog too xD it's so craazy!

    Ah, I know, homework :( I have many exams this week so I think it's going to be busy week! :S

    Guess what I did to myphone yesterday at school? I teared all decos off! It was so ugly because there had droped some jewelry already so... I wanna deco it again!

  3. Very cool blog! high sense of fashion! :)