Sunday, March 7, 2010

There's a whole in the wall where elvis crawled out and claimed I had stolen his sandwich

Hey everyone!
I'm really happy to hear that some people are checking out bands that I've mentioned. I would normally try to stick to just fashion and food considering that's my stated genre of choice, but music goes hand and hand with many aspects of my life, so why not? Besides, I bend for movies too . . .

Speaking of movies, OSCARS TONIGHT! I hope you guys check it out. I won't lie when I say that the red carpet is just as important to me as is the rest of the show. I mean, an outfit is a show in itself.

And now speaking of outfits being a show (I am so good at connecting things today), check out Viktor and Rolf's Fall 2010!

Instead of editing the pictures together, decided to just show them as the glorious things they are.
Okay, so Viktor and Rolf has been slowly creeping up on me for the past few months. Its funny because I think I started coveting their menswear first, but now, I think I'm just hooked on their overall ability to take something abstract and make it wearable (or as wearable as it can be). It's very important for a piece to be practical that you can buy and actually wear. However, I respect articles of clothing as also a form of art, and I respect a designer (in this case, both Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren) immensely when that can be accomplished.
The show itself was apparently a "spectacle" as well because the clothes were literally taken off the first model, wearing pretty much the whole collection, and then put on the other models who were to walk the runway. Needless to say, I think this collection would be most enjoyed by those who got to see the entertainment.

Now I just have to mention Balmain's Fall 2010:

I admit, I was slightly tired of seeing Balmain chicks everywhere I went (the tough, leather studded, tight clothed girls you see in NY on every street in the East Village). But this collection made me do a 180.
Okay, so the Balmain girl is still there: tough, independent, likes to show off skin and curves, loves black. But then you add all these embellishments, gold, brocading, and a whole lotta clean tailoring and silhouettes, and you have the fall 2010.
Everything looks expensive and sharp (two adjectives that would make many women happy). And it's also a level up while retaining the label's original flare. I'm looking forward to seeing some people pick up pieces from this collection soon.

images via

But now on a completely unrelated note, I saw the snazziest dressed male yesterday! I wish I could've asked for a picture for the blog, but he left one stop before me on the train.

What made his outfit great was the fact that instead of going matchy matchy with a suit, he had on a gray tweed jacket with gray jeans. It was formal and casual at the same time! And he was wearing these velveteen lion emblem slippers with no socks and I usually hate that, but it worked! And even his hair was perfectly slicked back!

I love details.

Alright, enough of me being a creeper, I'll let y'all rest up for a mighty fine day today. I'm going to school again to work on pattern! Tata!

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