Saturday, March 27, 2010

My camera has died and gone to Olympus . . .

Haha, get it? Because my camera is an Olympus, but Olympus is also the home of the Gods in Greek mythology?

. . .

Okay, shut up, I'm not a loser.

Anyway, I am currently watching youtube this morning. Or to be more specific, this:

Oh Tyra . . . (P.S. Apparently after doing just one impression of Tyra, I am now the go to person for Tyra impressions. And Kanye. And Spongebob laughter)

Lately, I've been running out of my lotion that I've been using forever.

I got it as a gift years ago but because I have a collection of many lotions and I use them in small amounts, I haven't really run out yet. Well, until now. I like this because peppermint is soothing on the skin, and I think it smells nice. In terms of moisturizing though, I prefer L'Occitane. Their travel size lotions are perfect and not costly. But yeah, back to this, I need to find a replacement (I think they only sell this one during the Christmas season).

Oh, I also have an old coordinate that I never posted up. It's about 2 weeks old?

I look chipper, don't I?

-fake glasses from Japan
-random scarf from Japan
-Vamps concert tee (yeah!!!)
-random overalls
-plaid tights from F21
-XOXO boots
-Grey cardigan from H&M
-Viv bag

And if this post could not be any more random, a painting I never finished contained this bunchles of bananas:

I miss painting. This week, I WILL PAINT.

As a final note, my mom is going back to Japan for a week and a half, and ahhhhhhhh, I'M JEALOUS. I miss Japan so (although right now I'd kill to go to London or India). Well, travel in general. But such a pricey hobby that is . . .

I think I will request some cute decoration sweets for my phone!

And of course other random cute things that one does not really need, but actually they do.

I'm off to go to school again (do I ever not? Even on weekends I know . . . ) so I shall see everyone later!


  1. Love the banana painting, and love the scarf. (Y)


    And don't you worry, I haven't forgotten about you... Rather... Maybe you should be worried

  3. Hahaha the Olympus joke proves you are a dork :P

    And I love the banana painting! I think it looks perfect as it is. I miss painting too.. hopefully I will be doing some of that during the summer. Did you have Pulver for Advanced Painting?

  4. would you like to go to India? This is a place I never thought about going...don't know why XD
    London is a good idea hehe
    I do the same! I have a bunch of lotions and fragrances I always use small amounts~ I don't want them to run
    I like your outfit <3

  5. I love your outfit! The lip shirt is fabulous.

    I also LOVE L'Occitane products... I use their foot cream all over, because it's so moisturizing and I have ridiculously dry legs!