Friday, March 19, 2010

School days, jackets, and look alikes

Hey everyone! I've been having an awesome week this week, getting work done early and making conversations with people I usually don't make conversations with. I may also be getting a handle on this time management thing (although I have many things I would like to finish today!) so hope this also continues.

Two outfits from this week!

Taken in the locker room of my school:
-Knit hat from my friend in Sweden
-Fake glasses
-Uniqlo pink starry tank
-Denim shirt from Gap
-Denim jeans
-Knit leggings from Gap
-Payless boots

Sorry, I was making a weird face!
-Black hat
-Dress from Buffalo Exchange (but it's H&M)
-Long wig and skull hair tie from this sweet Japanese girl I met in a bookstore (*we bonded over a band and she gave me the hair tie because one of the members of the band had the same one)
-Lacy tights from Urban Outfitters
-Knee highs (actually, they're thigh highs but I pushed them down) from Anna Sui
-Double Decker boots

This week, we finished and presented our fashion art projects in class!

It was a J. Crew design project. My "story" was that a girl was going to study abroad at Oxford University, and she needed clothes. That's why I wanted some preppy elements while still being casual and feminine (which is what J. Crew is).

I also finished my draping jacket!! This, for some reason, I finished two days before (ridiculous because last time I was up until who knows when the night before), and well, you know I love my drama, so . . .

I made this!
I know, at a glance, it looks like a clown jacket. I contemplated the color of the buttons for a while, but seriously, it's a quirky jacket, so why not use red plastic buttons to amp that factor up?
Well anyway, look closely. You'll see that the collar is made up of individual hands! The pockets, which I have my friend demonstrating the use of in the 2nd picture, are also in the shape of hands. So yes, this was the ultimate "handy" jacket.
My teacher seemed to like it as well, and gave me another A+! I really hope this streak continues. I love unconventionality.

I forgot to mention but a girl from the Make A Wish Foundation came into our draping class on Thursday when the jackets were due! Her dream is to become a fashion designer, hence the visit. Since I had finished my jacket early, I really thought it'd be cool to make her a small gift.

Enter quirky animal push pin yet again. I actually thought at one point I wouldn't have the chance to give it to her since she was leaving early, but the professor finished his demo just in time. She was really sweet and seemed to like it. Hopefully she can use it in the near future!

I had another major project due this week for photoshop but no pictures of that. I did however make maybe one of the most important discoveries of the century in that class:

Chris Benz and Karlie Kloss LOOK IDENTICAL

Needless to say, I'm pretty wigged. That, and I can't believe it took me until now to see it. I guess all I needed was just one good class where I can read about/stare at designers on the computer and not be scolded for not doing work.

I started spazzing and made everyone interested come and see my discovery, and yes, they all saw the resemblance! My professor was even all "maybe they're the same person."

And you know what?


They're both awesome anyway~

So on that note, I'm going to skidattle my way over to google to do some research for Fashion Art's next project. Adios~


  1. yep i did go to the one in ktown :)

    your outfit looks a bit simple compared to your other ones :O hahaha

    i love your art projects they look so fun and so creative. we just work on computers and print them out

  2. I know! Esp. the first one was on Wednesday when I have gym, so I tend to tone it down on those days.

  3. I love the jacket, it reminds me of daisies. :)

  4. your drawings are sooo coooool! i don't know much about J.Crew~;_;

    I like your jacket! The hands remembers me something that .. gosh forgot her name D: I think she was of the same aage as Chanel. She made the fur shoes, and printed dresses with a women profile I guess. (so many things to keep in mind that I am always lost~)

  5. I LOVE your red dress and your designs! Anytime you need anything you make for school taken off your hands, I'm your girl ;-)

    I want Chris Benz' limited-edition lipstick!

  6. Nice drawing designs as well as the draping jacket. Can you make me a quirky animal push pin too? :P Keep it up, Aya!

  7. Haha to the look-a-likes. You write the most interesting posts. And sociology is the most boring class I've ever taken..

  8. Omg that Jacket, I still think its THE AWESOME. I still have that hand you gave me, lol.
    And your fashion art ladies are so cute!

    And I totally want to replicate that H&M dress, I love the sleeves on it!

    Whoa look alikes....they could be twins!!