Saturday, March 13, 2010

My locker is a storage space for mac&cheese and granola . . .


I'm surprised that all my muslin hasn't started smelling like the inside of a Whole Foods (where I get all of this).

P.S. I ate that Annie's White Cheddar Mac & Cheese an hour or so ago, and mixed hummus in. I wish my hummus were fresher . . . but alas, it was pretty good!

Now, I have a habit of posting twice after a long pause of no posting . . . I believe it is guilt. But lets take a tour of what I have been doing this past week~

1. Karaoke at Japas 27
What? I had time? Kinda, sorta . . .

What I got at karaoke: Roll Combo! Everything is quite orange I know . . . but I enjoyed every morsel! I also must be getting used to spicy things, because I swear I almost used all the wasabi they gave me, which was a lot me thinks.

Singing Dreams Come True (an awesome Japanese unit who makes crazy good music). I also sang a mix of American and Japanese artists. T'was fun! (P.S. I was unaware this picture was being taken until flash went off)


The shirt I bought at the concert. I'm impatient so I didn't want to wait to alter it (it's kinda huge . . . ), so I just tucked it into my jeans and went to school.
Needless to say, I think I mentioned it a couple of times to various people. I also got recommended a band that day called deerhoof! Very acquired taste, but I liked some of the songs I listened to. For some reason, I thought they were Canadian (why? because I'm retarded and think of mooses when I hear the words deer and hoof), but they're Californian! Check them out when ya can!
P.S. (many P.S.' today) I am wearing one of my wigs in that picture. Ya know, jazzing up the regular t-shirt shorts combo.

3. Looking Angry in Draping Class and Vegan Loving Hut

My face says: Grrrr, why are there muslin scraps around my clean floor???

But actually, the floor is never clean anyway. [nervous laughter]

Outfit rundown:
-Pink Sweater from Japan (it has no tag! Which has every bit of relevance since I learned about them in textiles recently . . . )
-Overalls that I've had since elementary school!
-6% Dokidoki Strawberry Necklace
-H&M floral tights
-Payless boots

That day, I also revisited Vegan Loving Hut near my school!

I ordered the Loving Hut sandwich. You can choose your side (I got salad), sauce inside the sandwich (Tarragon mayo), and the dressing on the salad (Loving Hut dressing, which is similar to the orange ginger dressings you may find in Asian restaurants). I think I really loved the burger I got last time, but this sandwich was quite satisfying as well.
The store itself is small, but the food is good and the servers are REALLY nice. Not to mention the great prices. I love to eat healthy without breaking the bank.
Oh, and here's a helpful tip! If you go this month (March) to Loving Hut from 3-6 p.m., you get 15% off your order! I think it's a opening promotion. But it definitely makes a difference (hey, those 50 cents can be used on a zipper for my next project)!
Also, going back to the nice servers, they're really accommodating. A chick that was ordering next to me wanted to replace tomatoes with avocados and they were totally fine with it (but they apologized for only having guac). And they grant your request for utensils right away and politely (without asking me why I would need a knife for a sandwich).

So there was my week in a flash! Food, class, karaoke, food, food, food . . . mmmmmm . . .

I shall talk to y'all again soon! Tata!


  1. Those sushi's looks sooo delicious! I wanna them too >u<

    My phone has also lost some of it's charms :< it's a shame, but actually I am wondering what would I do for it next :D

    Yes Finnish girls are so into Japanese culture, I think because it's so different from Finnish culture :D Although we have so similar humour sense and stuff !!

    Your blog is lovely I am getting hungry when I am watching this entry :D


  2. And your hair is so cute ! >u<

  3. Now I want to eat japanese food~
    you look so cute!!! Your outfit remembers of my childhood XD Sorry, but truth. Really cute! >w<

  4. あぁぁ、すし~ 食べたい!

  5. dreams come true is a good group! i like their song JET, there's a vegan hut near FIT? i graduated there in 07 so it may have come later on. I only used to go to Brown cup and KoFoo

  6. I'd love to try out this vegetarian place. Thanx!