Friday, March 26, 2010

Obakki Designs

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts this month. It's been school work day in and out, and I'm just finally settling down (spring break!)

So last time I mentioned I was going to introduce something exciting to you guys this week. Well, I'm here to do so now!

Maybe two weeks or so ago, I received an email from a Canadian brand/design house called Obakki, started by Treana Peake. Here is some information I pulled from their website:

Obakki is an international design house that addresses a shifting attitude towards fashion. The collection offers a full range of separates with a rustic sense of luxury distinguished by its refined details and originality. What stands out: the women’s clothing is utterly feminine yet bold while the men’s collection is understated, rugged and masculine. Obakki men’s and women’s collections are the perfect juxtaposition -- elegant yet relaxed, refined yet rustic, polished yet casual. Each collection complements the other yet stands alone in strength and style.

I admit that before receiving the email, I had not heard of them. But they so kindly forwarded me a catalog of both their women and menswear collections so I could get a better idea of the kind of clothes they sell. Now, you know that if I didn't like something, I would say it. However, this was not the case. The clothes are BEAUTIFUL.

Collage of the womens wear f/w 2010 collection

Some of the images I pulled from their f/w catalog (and now you see why I like them . . . )

You can also go to their website (click the bold "Obakki" text above) and you'll see that in the online store they're currently selling their spring/summer line (yay purple and navy !).

Obakki also has a charity foundation, which I think really sets them apart from other design houses. It's called the Obakki Foundation. The foundation provides money for their orphanages in Africa, along with schools and health centers and water purification projects. What's pretty rad though is the fact that they manage to do this through fashion.

The founder Treana and her husband Ryan traveled to Cameroon in Africa and asked the children what made them happy, sad, or afraid. As a result, their answers were made into designs for t-shirts, scarves, bags, etc. Now 100% of the proceeds are going into the foundation, and Treana is going back to Africa in May to help with the programs and show kids how their words are helping change lives.

Here's a video of their previous visit:

I really like this brand now for the reason that they're not just about beautiful clothes, but they also make the lives of others less fortunate than us beautiful too.

Now I'm off guys to go stare at some of their pretty sweaters. P.S. Go to their site and drool look at the F/W 08-09 collections under the collection tab. I'm pretty inspired now to go and have a photoshoot before all the leaves turn pretty again for the warm seasons. THE WHITE JACKETTTTTTTTTTTTTT (okay, let me stop being obnoxious)

Happy day everyone!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful post - so happy that you liked the collections (& the foundation, which is very special to me!).