Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm delayed and denied

Hi guys! Long time no see.

So I started writing this post on Thursday in class (wait, listen, I was doing work in class, just had a lot of extra time), but I didn't get to post it. So now I'm just being very late with this. But I figured instead of discarding the post all together, that I would just tweak it.

So here is when I talk about Alexander McQueen's final collection.

Alexander McQueen's Fall 2010 Collection

I think it's one thing to be completely floored by a certain collection and certain designer every once in a while, but McQueen is one of the few designers that just impress me every time. Sadly, this will be the last time that the designer himself will be creating a collection. But he definitely hit the ball outta the park.
The textures, the colors, and the overall silhouettes are GORGEOUS and flattering. His models look both regal and other worldly. He also has this way of making unconventional bold prints work, and my favorite piece being the one here on the top left, if you look closely, I believe those are two saints (?) on her chest.

Seriously, works of art. WORKS OF ART. <----that needed to be said twice

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On another note, I was up this morning (this morning being the present day, Saturday) and reading The Cut. I came across this article:

Prada Japan Employee Accuses Management of Trying to Fire ‘Old, Fat, and Ugly’ Workers

According to the article, Prada Japan CEO David Sesia asked senior retail manager Rina Bovrisse to fire 15 employees because they were supposedly "old, ugly, and fat." Then he apparently made an attack at Bovrisse herself, claiming the same things about her, and that he would be embarrassed if visitors from Italy saw her. In November they placed her on involuntary leave, and in December, she filed a suit.

Sadly, as unfair and as cruel as this is, I'm not that shocked.
Fashion is a visual art, and it's run by very many fickle people. If they think you look fat or ugly, they don't care, because in the end they're making money out of things that don't concern those 2 adjectives.
Of course, it's not right for someone with ample qualifications for a job to be fired just for reasons that don't concern their work ethics, but even in the real world, people are fired for the stupidest reasons. And now a days, it's easier to fire people because of the poor economy, and easier to replace people because of it too.
I hope she wins her case.


  1. OMG! I am really laughing about Prada's. I know is totally unfair but they must sell their concept.

    McQueen collection is incredible. Geez.