Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anxiety and Photoshop Projects

Hey everyone! I'm currently in the computer lab of my school, doing my photoshop homework. We're making prints out of our mood boards, and well, here is what mine (moodboard, not prints) came out to look like:

Yeah, it's kinda not fashiony . . . more weird mysterious other worldly fiction. By the way, I can't tell whether that cloaked person is a man or woman, but can anyone here tell me?

On another note, I've been pretty stressed lately. Not really in terms of school, but in terms of packages I'm sending out. I currently have two packages I'm sending out as a result of having sold something online, but suddenly another person has emailed me saying I haven't sent out their package, which I have long ago.

It's never happened that what I've sent out has gotten lost, but I know it's a possibility when it's not tracked. It's just terrible because the person is losing money and I am losing trust. But I really don't track small packages (unless asked to) because I feel it's kind of a waste of money since up until now, everything has been reaching people just fine.

Any advice anyone?


  1. That's really unfortunate that happened...I've never been in that situation so I don't really know what to do either...sorry I'm not of help. But your photoshop homework is pretty cool! I like how it has the mystery/darkness but also a bit of light :) The person looks like a girl to me but I dunno

  2. wow. that is amazing.
    Well the best thing to do is try to go to the post office and see what's up , if you can get any information from them. also google something along the lines of: possibilities of lost packages..or how to track packages..or how to track after they've been sent..etc
    Also, it really is unfortunate, but at least this time it gives you a heads up to be super careful and perhaps track (even if it costs money). I think that everything is bound to break at one point and it's okay. Just take the experience with you and it will make you stronger. Don't let it stress you out ..such as how the other person feels. Just concentrate on how to get it back or replace the package..come to a compromise of some sort.

    By the way found this blog: going raw on $10 a day or less...3 meals and one dessert a day:

    this lady lives in brooklyn. I do not know how she gets 2 organic bananas for 30 cents...I've heard of this place in Brooklyn where you volunteer some hours a week and they let you purchase organic produce for cheaper..way cheaper.

    <3 much love, Ana