Sunday, November 1, 2009

The past few days PART ONE

Before I start with my excuses of how I am lazy and forget to carry around cameras, I shall stop . . . and just go on with my post.

So obviously I will not write about my past few days in ONE post, or I wouldn't be putting PART ONE there in the title. Oh how a clever little bunny I am . . .

So let's start off with the craziest story.

On Tuesday during model drawing, my professor decided to give us the assignment of choosing an illustrator we admired and drawing like them. Whilst we were doing so, a man and 3 other people walk in. WHO WAS THAT MAN YOU ASK???



Which wouldn't be that big of a deal if it were a random glance on the street. But in our classroom, randomly looking around with his daughter??????
Mighty outta-the-blue-waters if you ask me.

Shady photos via my classmate shall come in due time. Until then, just stick a googled picture of Davie in a bewildered classroom with a model posing in front wearing a pink dress and a butterfly mask.

Also, I decided to try out this microwaveable pumpkin "pie" thing-in-a-bowl that I found the recipe of on somebody's blog. I need to mix more because some parts of it came out too clove-y, but other than that, t'was a success!

1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1 egg white, spices and sweeteners + 3 minutes in microwave in a microwave safe bowl (after mixing all ingredients)

I put in plain yogurt, apple slices, and raisins as well. A good snack I must say. I shall have to do it again . . .

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