Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just one of those weeks . . .

Where so much has been going on and yet, I feel so exhausted and out of it that I don't really feel like writing on my blog unless the excitement comes back.

Well, here were the highlights of things I did recently that I did not write about:

I'd say I missed the first few minutes because I got there a little late, but loved the rest of it. And yeah, I did cry. And oh yeah, watched it with my friend and totally going to go watch it again by myself to cry . . . by myself (I know myself too well freaky I know)
And how many times did I say myself in that one sentence?

2. Started watching Beautiful People. I know I know, old show, keep up with the times. But seriously, I JUST got into Sex and the City over the summer. There is no way it can get worse than that.
How did I get into BP? Well, sorta a secret, but sorta just by chance. I will say I'm on episode 5 or so and it's getting kinda boring already. Always the same scenario . . . I wish there was more substance. That, and I feel bad for Gideon because he's so never getting Sophie. I mean, the awkward nice guy never gets the girl! Although when your competition is Jackson Rathbone, I totally understand . . .
I think I'll keep watching it for kicks. And the creeper teacher that I knew had a thing for the sister the whole time. And Nick's father Julian . . . is kinda charming. Oh, and this line:
"I'd commit seppuku but my mother would absolutely lose it if I got the Burberry stained." I wish I could say that like, everyday.

3. Went to New York Anime Festival for a translating job. I got to see one of my friends I haven't seen in FOREVER because she lives in another state, but she was being as adorable as usual selling the cutest accessories EVAR. She's sweeter than apple pie y'all, and her blog is right here:
Also saw some of my other friends along with some other cool people. I managed not to die of embarrassment from freaking out too much about press conferences for Japanese idols, and I did manage to have some fun because the producer of Soul Eater was super laid back. Oh, and I totally bumped into this adorable Japanese unit called Kokushoku Sumire TWICE by accident in the street way far away from the con which makes me question whether the places I visit are like tourist spots, but I was so blinded by their cuteness that I forgot that and I actually TALKED to them. Which means the shame game shall not be used on me today!

4. This is more of an agenda thing . . . my friends and I are planning to go see Vera Wang next Saturday in the East Hamptons. I don't think my aesthetic belongs in the Hamptons but I would love to see Vera Wang and her interview discusssion event. But that would also require me to travel and I am so wiped. So my going depends on a. my mood, and b. my lack of sleep, and c. if anyone can convince me enough to forget everything else and just go.

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