Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christopher Kane and blogging

Does anyone remember a little comment made by Christoper Kane about bloggers?

It’s a bit mad, isn’t it? It feels like it’s happened all of a sudden and at some shows this season the front row was just all bloggers. I think it will die down though, and people know what they are doing. No one who wants to read a serious review of a show is going to look at what a 14-year-old thinks. But it has become more critical; people can say what they want about anyone on a blog without consequences and that’s quite scary. There are real repercussions for a designer if a photo of something is leaked by a blog; it can be copied in a fortnight and that can really harm a business. You have to be much more careful now.

Well, he recently explained his comment further.

People are interested in what they like, it’s a really personal thing and that’s my opinion. You’re allowed to say what you want but sometimes the blogs that you read are really negative and that’s what I meant to say really. Sometimes it’s too negative for my liking and I think maybe they could give someone a compliment or say something nice. But bloggers nowadays seem to be a bit negative ... [W]hen it gets to someone’s work and they’re being critical, it’s like ‘Give them a break’. That’s all I meant to say.

Personally, he didn't need to explain himself. I agree with him on some points.

I've been a blogger for maybe half my life, starting off with xanga, then bravenet (I could never get into myspace so I tried to find alternatives), livejournal, and now blogspot. So that being said, people have been blogging for a while. But it seems only recently that the fashion world is really zooming in on a lot of the faces behind these pages.

When he says that bloggers are negative, I think he's focusing on comments people make about collections and such, and some of their harsh critiques. My opinion is yes, people can be way harsher on the internet because it is the web. But I would so much prefer someone to flat out say something is terrible if it's their honest opinion then sugar coat it because people reading it will think poorly about the designer they are reading about. I don't believe bloggers expect people following them to think exactly like them. I don't. I want people to have their own opinions. But I appreciate it when people consider my comments as well.

Christopher Kane is a more up-and-coming designer so that may be why he feels this way, and it's okay. He's sharing his opinion. We're all sharing our opinions. Even if blogging dies down as he says, I'll still be blogging because I just like to . . . talk.

I hope that made sense because I'm sick and I was praying that my brain is functioning enough to comment on this. Do you agree or disagree with Kane?

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