Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paula Deen is making some brownies behind me . . .

On the television screen of course. But still, I really want some brownies now.

I survived the first semester yesterday! And I renewed my locker meaning I left all my garbage and tools in my locker over break! Boy does it feel good to carry absolutely NOTHING home. Although I do foresee that I will feel like coloring with markers or sewing something and will deeply regret not having anything until the school opens in January. -sigh-

Yesterday I donned on a new wig.

It's brown, unlike my other various natural black ones. People seemed to really like it! So I can pull off being a brunette after all~
P.S. I have a kinda cut-ish thing at the corner of my mouth. Time and healing cream will be my savior . . .

Lately I've been looking at some Japanese fashion magazines again (to keep up with other trends). I've found a few looks/items I like/want more of:

1. The Culotte

2. The Funky Printed Sweater

3. The Boyish Suspender Pants

I can probably make the culotte (or skort as some people know it as) so that may be my next project over the vacation. As for the funky sweater, I love vintage sweaters with shoulder pads so I may go scouring thrift stores for some.

That's it for now. Pictures of my term garment will come next time! Ciao!

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