Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We are not what you think we are . . .

Another song reference in the title? Well, I'm pretty much sitting here listening to Mika's "We Are Golden" on repeat, so why shouldn't that be totally appropriate?

Oh, because I'm not allowed to use the word "appropriate" since I tots didn't update in like 5 days and that's far from the word . . . (insert tears streaming down the face like a loser i.e. me after watching Titanic)

Darn looking slightly unhappy and depressed here because I was QUITE DAPPER when this picture was taken.

-Fake glasses
-Random blue dress I got for $4 that I removed buttons from and made look better
-F21 lacy wrap bolero
-Knit flower necklace from Japan
-Gap grey poncho thingy
-H&M tights
-Payless boots

Man do I love layers . . .

Well, a few days ago, I went to my friend's house for a sleepover (hence this posting break). We watched a REALLY LONG Korean horror movie called "The Red Shoes" (by the way, the "red" shoes were totally hot pink). It pretty much didn't end where it should have and kinda blah. Then there was nummy food and some usage of the computer. Oh, and my Hawaiian shorts.

In the morning, I ate Cheerios and we watched the Sex and the City movie. I think that sparked some want for shopping but only after going to eat.

We went to Je'Bon in St. Marks. We went around 1 in the afternoon and it was surprisingly empty. I had a Thai salad (after ordering a sweet shrimp salad and then being told there wasn't any even though it was under Today's Specials). My friends had Salmon Teriyaki and Wine Chicken Soup with noodles. The salad was spicier than I thought it would be but it was pretty okay. The service was average. I don't think I'm going to want to eat here again just because it didn't really strike me as anywhere too special but it was generally good.

One of my friends had to go to school after that, so my other friend and I just went around a few stores in Herald Square after that.

One of them being H&M where I found a cute bolero.

Yes, I am wearing baggy cut up denim shorts over jeggings.
If you're wondering, I did get it.

I also did a little shopping in Korea Town and then had to say goodbye to my friend and head home.

That was pretty much all of the fun I had the past few days because every other day I spent stressed about finishing my blouse for sewing class. A lot of people guided me through it and it's the only reason why I even came close to finishing so thanks to everyone who did!
I did forget to add that I slept over at the school on Monday which was a very interesting and not very comfortable situation (those chairs are ROCK HARD) but it did help me learn that I will need to plan these things sooner. I MEAN WAY SOONER.
So a note to the wise, bring sleeping bags.

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  1. I love the shorts over the jeggings, It looks awesome!!! did you get many people asking what the hell are you wearing?