Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The throat hurts and spring cleaning!

I think I may be either sick or just coughing up a storm because my throat feels all scratchy again. It may also be because I've been cleaning up my room and all the dust is in the air . . .

Oh yeah! So it's Spring Cleaning time! Except it's not Spring. But remember that episode on The Office where Oscar called in sick on Spring Cleaning Day? And well, it wasn't Spring. And Michael is like if we do it now, guess what we don't have to do in the spring? That's right . . . cleaning.

Recently went shopping a bit in Soho. I kind of wish I went to a few more stores. Maybe I'll have time after cleaning.

My outfit for the day.
-Urban Outfitters Shirt (which I'm pretty sure it's mens or it's just meant to be kinda big for that specific size)
-My mom's scarf she got as a gift from her boss
-Old hand-me-down jeans I cut in shorts
-Black tights
-XOXO Thigh Highs

Two things I tried on at Mango. I ended up not getting either because although they were cute, I just wasn't feeling it. But there was one other dress I wish I had tried on because it was pretty nautical (although not very casual).

Went to Lush! That place is a trap because I always go in not expecting to buy things, and then I do. This was a great deal though because the soaps (and the items with stars on them) are Buy One, Get 2 Free so I just got 3 fabulous soaps.
Sexy Peel is lemony and supposed to be for toning. Sultana is this white milky soap with nuts and fruits on top. This one is for moisturizing. The Angel's Delight is supposed to be just for fun. They all smell great and I will be using these very soon!

And of course, food.
This is spaghetti my mom made yesterday! She went shopping at Whole Foods and came home with a lot of food. We usually do tomato sauce in our spaghettis but since she came home with shrimp, I suggested using it and voila! Our dinner!

I also tried this fancy looking chocolate ice cream. I'm pretty sure the packaging is to up the fancy factor but I prefer the paper containers on the regular ice creams because when you're scooping, you don't freeze your hand as much (seriously, frozen metal tins are cold).
The flavor however is lovely! It was dark chocolate and I love dark, so I was quite satisfied. Not super sweet and really refreshing.

*EDIT: I just noticed the ice cream says "Ultra Super Premium" That kinda made me giggle.
*EDIT #2: Lilveggiepatch is doing a giveaway for some Coconut Bliss Icecream! Get in on it guys! (Click HERE)

I should get back to my emails and then more "spring" cleaning for me! I'm off!


  1. oh how i love Lush's products. Just got magnaminty for my bf recently.
    and i'm glad that even if you would be having no life most of the time i still can catch up with you with your blog =)) love reading ur entries!

    And darn you, since you stopped your english blog, all I can understand in your blog are the pretty pictures!