Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flushing and sticker photos!

Mornings are always better when you don't HAVE to go to school. Except that I did today. But still, mornings are less hectic.

Oh, how neatly I line my possible outfits.

So today my friend and I decided to go to Flushing to take sticker pictures (purikura in Japanese) so I opted for the wig and mascara.

Yes, yes?

After doing some work at FIT, taking a break and making random animals out of scraps, and then getting back to work again, my friend and I left to go take the pictures!

Totos in Flushing has a new Japanese machine that trumps their old ones.

My happy sticker pile. What? Too dark you say? Too small you say?


Because I love you all . . . but no more . . .

I will be happy to show you my outfit though!

-Black paper boy hat
-Forever 21 yellow v-neck shirt
-Forever 21 polka-dot dress
-Urban Outfitters cardigan
-L.L.Bean yellow down vest
-Mother's butterfly tights (I can't believe she was holding out on me . . . these are too cute)
-Black socks
-Double Decker black boots
-Canvas bag

Oh, and my long wig~! And why yes, this is the outfit that was hanging on my hanger at the top of this post.

The rest of the day was spent at Quickly getting amused by people playing cards next to a DO NOT PLAY CARDS sign and observing cute clothing with soft lining.

Today was a good day.

Final note: My friend Lesley mentioned her current into-band The Empires, and they shall be having all new music out on the 8th! Free downloadables are always a happy gift. Check out their website HERE!

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