Sunday, December 20, 2009

Guess whose listening to Hanson?

I am! Old school 90's music just puts me in such a good mood. I'm sure even if a car ran over my foot, if I just had some 90's music (you know, N*sync, old school Britney, Backstreet Boys, Mandy Moore), I'd be fine.

In the hospital.

So today is my FINAL day to finish my term garment. I got a lot done yesterday! Just need to set in the sleeves, finish the hem, and buttons. Oh, and add cuffs. I was originally going to put a bias strip around the bottom of the sleeve but since it's a top and bottom puff, I decided a cuff would make more sense. Pictures will come soon enough!

This morning I was checking my mail and my friend had linked me to some awesome information. Now, I don't even remember who I gushed about my love of Sabrina (the classic with Audrey Hepburn) to, but I must've told a lot of people. Seriously, that movie is just so hilarious and the fashion is AMAZING.

Example A of Audrey looking flawless in gown. ------>

Well, my friend knowing this linked me to this page, and lo and behold! She's turned into a Pullip doll!

I'm not a collector of dolls, but this is quite adorable! There's also her in a red dress, but I find this one more iconic and pivotal in terms of the movie. And her likeness is just so uncanny . . . I'm slightly wigged by this.

For any doll collector or fan of Audrey who would like to own this, the link above + if you google it should lead you to a place to order one for yourself. It will be dispatched early May.

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