Saturday, December 26, 2009

Food Coma days . . .

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a nice Christmas! I did. It was not in any means like a standard Christmas . . . I mean, we didn't do anything out of the norm. We did have good food and we all stayed in, so I guess that's what really counts!

Well, as my title would suggest, I've been in a food coma for the past few days. To show you exactly how this happened . . .

Christmas Eve

Potato salad and fried food. My dad fried them, so all was done with good ingredients and good procedures at least.

Cakes from Payard. Mine was a dark chocolate mousse with peanuts and caramel inside! I liked it. I may have enjoyed it more if I weren't stuffed at the time, but still, good mousse.


Sorry, didn't realize the gummy bear was so outta focus. But these pomegranate white tea gummy bears are AMAZING! I've been nagging my mom to order them from the Bissinger's catalog we always get because I love gummy bears and these happened to be organic with lots of flavors (and they won an award apparently), so she finally ordered some. These were really good. I definitely taste the tea along with the fruit. Definitely not your standard gummy bear. I believe they're about $13 for a big bag which is super pricey for a bag of bears, but if you ever feel in the need to treat yourself, they apparently sell smaller bags at Food Emporium.

Also from Bissinger's are these delicious chocolate dipped candied oranges! I love any fruit dipped in chocolate but these were really good. I may want to try making these at home some time . . .

So if these food pictures didn't make you want to go eat right now, well, it sure made me want to go eat (lunch time anyway). Toodles noodles~

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    did you know you were on bloglovin? haha.'re right! the details on the chocolate cake. Aye...soon you're gonna be talking about the two people we saw today. haha. 237. ;)