Thursday, December 24, 2009

Imaginary Christmas List

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope it's full of lovely delicious scents and time spent with loved ones! [insert Hallmark moment]

So I thought it'd be fun to stray away from my usual posts and write a pretty late Christmas list. Here's the catch though: it's my imaginary list. As in, I don't think I will be getting any of these things (except in my dreams), but it'd be so fun to write!
Anyone out there reading this and have a blog or facebook or etc, I encourage you to do the same! And link me (I'm curious to see everyone's lists).

Okay, here goes.


Aya's Imaginary Christmas List

1. End of Recession
I googled happy business people . . .

2. A house in Whole Foods Union Square (oh, the convenience . . . )

3. Be Karlie Koss for one day (or uh, a week, you know . . . )

4. Zac Posen Internship ([spazz])

5. Those Nina Ricci shoes

6. Be a random cameo in The Office

7. Funky Fendi clutch (darn you shiny clutch)

8. Lifetime supply of yogurt and fermented soybeans (natto)

9. Free college tuition (I know you all agree with me)

I think that pretty much completes my imaginary Christmas list. Now I'm going to go and continue watching touching Jim and Pam moments on youtube. Have a nice Christmas Eve/Christmas everyone!

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