Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's December already!

I wanted to say "Happy December 1st!" but now it's December 2nd (actually, 3rd) and therefore if I said that I would be lying to you all. Shame Aya, shame . . .

Overdo coordinates start now!!!!

I will admit there were better pictures, but I must introduce my new companion and everyone's new obsession!

Yes . . . my fuzzy yellow backpack. Of which the pocket smells like Lush (because I shoved some bath bombs in there last week).

Yes, people fondle it.

Yes, people give it names (although I call it chicky because . . . it looks like one, no? I'm not crazy . . . )

Yes, you want it.

But anyway:
-Random glasses
-H&M grey tank
-Forever 21 acid washed tank
-Super Lovers diamond cardigan
-Gap [kids] shorts
-Urban Outfitters lacy leggings
-Black socks
-Double Decker black boots
-Uniqlo Yellow Backpack

And I'm looking too happy here . . .

-Black paper boy hat
-Geoffrey Beene scarf
-Urban Outfitters shirt
-Mom's hand-me-down shorts
-Black tights
-XOXO thigh highs

Then I had me some well deserved lunch on Monday.

I had a salad of field greens, chick peas, onions, cucumers, and string beans. It came with some bread. I also got a lovely cup of Tazo's orange tea. Life is good.

I also tried this yogurt for the first time!

It was on sale and even so, kind of pricey for a cup of yogurt, but I wanted to try something new (icelandic yogurt hello!) I've also not had yogurt for the past week and it's made me a crazy person (by the way, Oiko's is on sale at Whole Foods right now!) Thus, I chose this cup of grapefruit Siggi's!

Verdict: Really creamy. My friend said it was slightly like cream cheese. To me, I can see why she said that, but I like my yogurt thick so no complaints there. Not too much tang (more bitter due to the grapefruit). LOVED their short ingredient list. I probably won't buy too much in the future because of it's price, but if it's on sale again, I wanna try their Orange ginger.

Now I must make a separate post due to the overwhelming amount that I type (and the big pictures). I'm off~

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