Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm sick but sane

I really think it was the Vitamin C candy that I swallowed and almost choked on that caused some sort of a throat throbbing pain which led to my current illness.

I would like to point out that I am sane enough to write a blog entry and to text people to tell them how I am. I am also sane enough to memorize almost 30 paintings and their dates. However, I am not sane enough to really talk to people on the phone unless necessary (hence the texting where I can think what to say first). I am also not sane enough to sit in a classroom for 2 hours or so and write about said paintings because apart from dates, I can't remember 1/4 of what the paintings look like and I don't think the throbbing pain in my head, neck, ears, and throat help.

I'm going to the doctors tomorrow (*Note: Patrick Dempsey is not my real doctor, however, I believe life would be better if it were so).

I also have a term garment due this Thursday and next Monday which I have to hand in or risk everything I worked for this semester. So you can tell where I'm headed tomorrow after the doctors (hint: garment district to buy fabric, then school).

So I expect myself to do the following:

-Hand in Chanel project TOMORROW
-Buy Fabric for Flat Pattern
-Finish all my patterns, cut, and sew at least everything but sleeves and collar
-By Wednesday finish everything for Flat Pattern
-By Thursday, have the full colored sketch for Draping term garment
-Work like crazy until Monday

Oh, and really finish all my Christmas shopping (both bought and handmade things).

I shall have to work hard . . . and hope I get better.

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