Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating Healthy

Here's a small note about eating healthy.

I believe that eating healthy goes with pretty much everything else in the world. And yes, including fashion. If fashion people don't eat, well, they die. And dying is tragic.

Now let me explain why eating HEALTHY is so important. For me, I don't rule out sweets or fast food. If anything, I take everything in moderation. But I HATE the idea that if I'm not going to eat at a McDonalds with someone that they assume that I'm anorexic or that I don't eat period. I just prefer to put good things in my system.

Now I'm not going to lie, I love sugar and fat. I think fatty things taste good and sugar makes me happy. But I'm not going to ignore the fact that my family has a record of diabetes and that fatty things will do terrible things to my heart. So I take everything in healthy doses. And substituting works too.

I'm far from a lot of those other healthy food bloggers out there. I'm not vegan, raw, or even vegetarian. But I've learned enough about food to know how much to take of certain things and what foods I should eat more of.

I don't push my lifestyle/foodstyle on other people. I think every person is different and if a certain diet is working for him/her, then they should continue it. I just wanted to get out that eating healthy is something that should be mentioned and practiced. Okay, that sounded like I was pushing it upon everyone but again, I only mean it in the best possible sense.

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  1. WORRRRDDDDD..... hahaha. I love you Aya. We must hang at the magazine shoppeee.! You know who this is....your beloved friend.