Friday, November 6, 2009

My neck itches . . .

I have no idea but since yesterday, my neck has been driving me crazy when it's bare. I really should get that sorted out or else my neck is going to look like someone put an angry cat on me.

I think I missed about 4 days of interwebs which is like 1 month in fashion news and events and social life outside of school. Oh goody.

Anyway, this is really the you're-gonna-be-jealous post because I did things that'll make you jealous if you're sane.

1. I eat this every morning:

Pumpkin, brown sugar, yogurt, fruits, and some crunchy-ness (like cereal or granola). It's pretty much everything I love put in one bowl (oh, minus Zac Posen).

2. I went into a room at FIT and fondled some of their Chanel collection. Then my class and I proceeded to looking at pictures of Chanel and gabbing about Coco and Karl Lagerfeld. And we call it work.

3. I wore my new wig today.

Oh, and my new Anna Sui socks! But I fail because you can't even see the cool butterfly print on them.



If I were not me, I swear, I'd be jealous. Oh, but I am.

AND I was dying over the fact that Robert (the vocalist)'s taste in books is the best thing ever.

December, come already. Come~~~~~

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