Monday, November 30, 2009

A Late Turkey Day

I know, I fail at posting things exactly on the day it happens . . . well, just imagine you're traveling back in time with me and all will seem more magical and lala-licious.

So I hope everyone had oodles of fun on Thanksgiving! As for me, I did the usual i.e. watch the parade on television because I could never find a good seat if I went, and then spaced out.

Lunch came rolling along . . .

I know, typically Asian. But it warmed me up quite well!

Then, as if that wasn't enough, my dad was all "Let's eat some cake!" And boy, was it big . . .

Sorry, it got crushed a bit.

It's a cheesecake from Fairway. I've had this before. Not the biggest fan because it's REALLY thick, and they don't use the fruits when its ripe (for example, the kiwi is pretty hard and sour). I discovered (after having to eat it a few days later), it's best to scrape off the fruits, rinse off all that custard, scrape off the top of the cheesecake and take off more custard, and then eat it. That makes it less sweet which for me is perfect.

Well, anywho, the rest of the day I rolled on the ground.

Dinner was low key. Actually no turkey this year! I had pork that we had in the freezer. There was also lotus root (I think that's what it is in English? Maybe not?), potato, and spinach and bean sprout mix. Everything was lightly seasoned (I may have preferred more flavors but thus is the Asian way . . . )

Everything is quite brown. But not to complain, I thought it was still good! And who doesn't love a nice home cooked meal?

Black Friday was probably the most exciting~! I hung out with ultra cool people and bumped into some ultra cool peeps as well~

I think the highlight of that day was UTRECT'S FREEAAKING BEFORE NOON ART SALE 40% OFF. Oops, sorry, my grammar sucks from all the excitement. But yeah, I got some coveted oil painting supplies while studying all the stereotypes that work at that store (of which I LOVE NO JOKE this is not an insult)

Mmmmmmmmm . . . art supplies . . .

Then I headed to Uniqlo where I got this awesome bag~ (pictures later), that came with an awesome magazine that looked a little something like this:

The second one is my fav outfit outta the mag, but alas, that dress isn't from Uniqlo . . .

After all of that, I wandered into one of my other favorite stores . . .


Two bath bombs . . . I should remember the name because I get their newsletter things in the mail and I read it meticulously, but I don't . . . I just know they smell REALLY GOOD.

FINALLY THE BEST FOR LAST. On the way to going to the MOMA (of which my friend and I left after finding out Tim Burton was sold out for the night but it was okay because we went to the MET and saw Vermeer instead), I stopped by Magnolias.


Yes, the blurred picture does it no justice. But that my friends is heaven in a cup, formerly known as Magnolia's Banana pudding. It's a size small, but boy is it filling. This is one with cinnamon on top (yum!)
It totaled to $4.50. I say it's worth it for a once-in-a-while treat. Besides, the recipe is also online so pretty much after the first time, you can make it yourself at home.

In big batches.

To share.

Or not.

Your call.

Now I'm out.

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