Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years everyone!

Hey everyone! It's a new year! 2010! And a new decade. I hope the next decade is great because I'm pretty sure at this point, the past 10 years cannot be topped. Actually, the past year in general pretty much blew my mind. So let's see how 2010 compares to 2009 (I'm so going to need time getting used to writing 2010 on all my papers)

I finished typing up lovely resolutions. My main one is to be a better person. And then I think everything will follow from there. That, and to stop procrastinating so much.

So I have pictures from my lovely spring cleaning episode. It's quite hilarious actually . . .


What's funny is that that's my desk halfway through the cleaning process. Yes, it was worse before (do you see a trend? First locker, now room . . . )


Okay, so minus the fact that I still need to vaccuum and stuff, I'd say BIG change. 3 cheers for cleaning!

This is a bonus picture of . . . yesterday? It started to snow so of course, I snapped the picture. Who knows how many more snow days we'll have in the future?

After it stopped snowing, I went out real quick and walked the streets of Soho. I stopped by Sephora and decided to get this Clinique brow pencil after reading the good reviews on the website. Okay, so there was one deep brown left (thank god). Sadly, that's the darkest shade because apparently they stopped making the "soft black". I'm fine with it because my hair is slightly browner in the light/my wigs are also slightly brown/I read somewhere eyebrows should be a slightly lighter color than the hair anyway. I have yet to try it but I bought it because I'm a longtime user of Clinique products and I find them long lasting and really effective, and they don't over decorate themselves. If anything, I'll write up a small review another time.

Anyway, New Years foodie pictures will come next time! Ciao guys!

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