Friday, September 18, 2009

Anna Sui Release Party

Okay, so this is ##3 from the post I made before this. Excuse the fact that I am super duper sleepy right now, and therefore will talk like someone who is vulnerable to laughing gas.


On Thursday this week, I was supposed to go to volunteer as a dresser at the Stella Zotis show (remember Stella, that cool rocker chick from Project Runway Season 5?) Well, I don't know exactly what happened but there was no show. Luckily, however, I had the invite to the Anna Sui party on me, so I proceeded to head over there after meeting some friends who were also going.

The party was for the launch of the new fragrance "Rock Me". Not as fruity as some of her other scents, but more floral, with a sort of maturity to it.

I arrived, headed inside, and saw a group of people all mingling, obviously invited to the party as well.

I started to browse. It was maybe only 45 minutes or so into the party when I turned around and saw this woman who looked SO GOSH DARN FAMILIAR from the back, and people were taking pictures with her. I turned to my friend and said, "You know, that looks like Anna Sui from the back . . . " So of course we scuttled to where the crowd was staring at this familiar woman, and LO AND BEHOLD, it was indeed ANNA SUI.

I proceeded to freak out because I

2. I purposefully try to avoid going to that store too often so as not to break my bank
4. She's Anna Sui

So I whipped out my camera and waited until all was clear to ask for a picture with her. She was very nice and said yes, so we took a picture. THAT copy I'm going to keep on my computer to squee about, however I supply you with pictures of Anna and random strangers I didn't know.

(darn, looking at these pictures really makes me realize I need a better camera)

After my little moment of bliss, I then went around snapping pictures of fabulously dressed people and one of myself with adorable bartenders who I swear weren't real bartenders (because a. they were too cute and b. they were just pouring out bubbly and fruits).

(more scribbling ensues . . .)

Around the time all this picture taking was done, it was more than halfway into the party, and I saw that Anna was still around the store talking to people. So I did the final thing I could think of and mustered all my strength to ask for an autograph on my invitation as memorabilia.

She's too fabulous guys! And now I know why I was meant to become her fan . . . (drama queen moment).

The rest of the night I was near the front of the store looking at fragrances and checking out nail polish. Decided to get one in 005, the gold glittery-shimmery-goodness-in-a-bottle one. I was ecstatic when the store person came back and told me it was the last bottle (woot for lucky happenings!) And I have to say . . . I have it on now, and apart from the fact that it smells like roses (as does all her fabulous body/cosmetic merch), it really is gorgeous and you can put it on top of any color really. I currently have it on top of a copper polish made by Sally Hansen called "Lucky Penny".

So yes, thus was my Thursday, an amazing party full of good times and good people and Anna Sui! My last wonderful happening was just when I was paying, one of the staff girls I know hugged me at the counter and told me she was happy I came.

That was my thought [x] a billion.

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