Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Falafel

My obsessions with falafels knows no boundaries (along with my obsessions with self serve frozen yogurt, oatmeal, and fermented soybeans), so a few days ago I went with my friend to St. Marks to get my fix of a dollar falafel.

It's on the corner of St. Marks, going down, on 2nd ave. There's a sign that says $1 falafel.

Let me just clarify ahead of time that it IS a dollar. Which means don't expect much. I was looking for a something-to-fill-me-up-but-not-too-much kinda food, and since I was in the area, I thought hey, why not?

That was my second time having the falafel. A word of advice that I noticed during my second time there. MAKE SURE TO GET IT WHEN THE TALL GUY IS THERE. There are 2 guys: one is older and kinda short? One is younger and tall. The first time I went, the shorter guy was there and he gave me a slightly less than satisfactory falafel due to it's lacking substance. The second time (being this time), the tall guy was there. He asked what I wanted and prepared it in a timely manner and was overall very nice. Therefore I prefer the tall guy.

The picture is my half eaten pocket, which I only realized at that point to take a picture of. Oops.

That picture also reminds me to redo my nails because it looks horrendous there due to it's chipping polish.

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  1. You're also the one who got me into falafels >:o
    They're so addictive!