Sunday, September 13, 2009

I got kissed by a fly today

Because I was wearing candy flavored lip gloss and obviously, flies must be attracted to that, hence the smooch from the fly. My, what a wonderful way to start my day.

So I'm totally not looking at Anna Sui boots on Japanese auction sites right now. And I'm totally not swooning over them and obsessing over them and wanting to buy them. And I'm totally not going to look at other stuff on Japanese auctions because they're way cheaper than ebay. Of course not.

Speaking of Anna, saw a gorgeous dress at the Buffalo Exchange here for $48 and it was quite great condition. But me being the cheapo that I am, I lingered over it for 2 days and decided not to get it. And now I'm re-thinking my decision. If it's still there tomorrow, I may just go back (unless someone here convinces me otherwise). God I need to go through some Anna Sui shopping therapy.

SO TODAY, I went over to the Metropolitan Pavilion for the Sara Shepherd of London fashion show. I had to get there 3 hours before the show so I could help out and be ready to dress the models quickly.

Most of us were in pairs, so my partner and I got assigned Uliana Tikhova (@ right) as our model. She was SUPER SWEET, and I didn't know she was pretty well known! Just checked her stats online right now actually, and I am so in love with the line-up of designers she's worked for. She was pretty quiet at first, but she is just super likeable.

Best moment was when she looked at my shoes and said "I like your shoes! They look vintage," which pretty much made my shoes model-approved and me a happy happy camper.

Can't really go into details of what went down now since I'm waiting on a few pictures from my friends. But it will come fully sooner or later. Here's a sneak peek picture though.

Oops, I turned into a rabbit. It wasn't supposed to happen today . . . (naaw, I just looked tired hence my scribbling)

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