Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michael Kor-ing this morning . . .

I think everyone should take the name of a designer and just make it into a verb. Life would be more fun that way if you could tell people to stop Rodarte-ing and La-Renta-ing.

I think the same works with Politicians . . . there are so many instances that I wished Ron Paul was a verb. And speaking of Ron Paul, just finished watching an interview of his on youtube, basically saying he was right about predicting that the economy would become bad, and that the Federal Reserve should be gone because it's harming people more than helping them.

(click image to watch)

He also talks a lot about Obama and the decisions he's making and how it's not really going to work (i.e. social medicine). I personally love watching these kind of interviews (and curse my political junkie friends who converted me last year), so if you're interested, check it out!

Well, going back to my title, this morning I was up and decided to watch the live showing of Michael Kors' fashion show on his website.
I'm not a huge fan of Michael Kors and I don't really find his things that attractive personally, but I think it's because he's catering to a much older sophisticated woman, who likes clean cuts, lines, and toned down colors. That and on some of his shoes, the bottom looks like ridged potato chips. But I can appreciate the audience that buys his stuff, and I think it's consistent what he's doing; so in that sense, I do respect him greatly.

That being said, his ss2010 collection was actually pretty nice. There were definitely a few pieces I really liked (usually the draped tops or the structured skirts), and it was quite sexy (the sexy that's not like "look at me" but more like "I know I am. So what?") His menswear that came down the runway with the womenswear was a little less exciting, and some of it I didn't like too much. Overall though, pretty collection.


  1. Hi there....just stumbled upon your blog...LOVE it! Great reading...I'll stay tuned... :) from Michallee (Brisbane, Australia)