Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's getting colder . . .

I hate being anemic and being in NY during the cold season. I LOVE Fall don't get me wrong (fall fashion forever) but it's only a matter of time before I start huddling around broken heaters with fingerless gloves.

That being said, my morning toast was had with this amazing grapefruit marmalade.

I used to HATE marmalade when I was younger because, well, it's bitter and I thought who would want to eat it when you could be putting some sweet strawberry jam on your toast or whatever it is you want to put jam on. But now I crave bitter and sour spreads. Is that weird? I love tart cherry preserves, bitter marmalades, and sour lemon curd spreads. The right balance of sweet and tart just excites me.

Yeah, spreads excite me.

But enough about that, let's talk Fashion's Night Out SWEEPSTAKES.

Overall I'm DYING until Fashion's Night Out. And regardless of what people are saying, I do plan to spend money that day. If I'm going to spend money anyway, might as well make it then. I don't think one day is going to save the fashion industry, but the whole initiative of creating an entire fashion related event with models and designers and the works makes me go crazy (in the good sense), and although I'm totally going to be distracted by Hugh Jackman and Coco Rocha being in my presence, I want to walk around and stare at the pretty shiny things.

Back to the sweepstakes though, I'm really digging the Bumble and Bumble prize: "Bumble and bumble Fashion Week VIP pass, cut and color, a ticket to the Ohne Titel show, and a look from the Spring 2010 fashion show"
Strictly looking at the fact that a fashion week pass would be like a godsend, but also because getting a hair cut would kind of complete me this Fall. The perfect way to describe the state of my hair would be that my hair grows way too fast for my wallet to keep up. Therefore winning a haircut would be a dream. Although yeah, I do plan to get it cut anyway.

I should be getting off now to get ready for the farewell tea party I'm planning to be at in about 2 hours. Toodle-loo~

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