Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Listening to Thriller . . . and browsing Zac and Marc

Because every Tuesday night should be a thriller night, right? Actually, it should because I don't have classes on Wednesdays! Woot!

I have GOT to stop these freak out moments involving designers *cough Zac Posen cough* BUT IT HAD TO HAPPEN TODAY (it was inevitable) BECAUSE IN HIS SS 2010, HE USED TAO OKAMOTO. AND SO DID MARC JACOBS. And I freaking love her. I swear I forgot exactly how I came upon her, but when I realized it, I loved her. She is just the perfect androgynous specimen with hair that I wish I could work and legs up to the empire state building. Love her.

But back to Zac Posen. Woke up this morning at 5:30 to finish some random sewing for class today, and went online to find some images of hairstyles for model drawing (which we barely used anyway! Totally wasted ink like 3 times printing it out without streaks . . . ) But me being me, I had to check out Zac Posen and Marc Jacob's collections for next Spring/Summer . . .

Zac Posen

Some looks from the show. Obviously a variety, ranging from see through rain coats to evening dresses. When I saw it this morning at 5:30 in the morning, I gotta say I didn't see much of it to really appreciate it. But after seeing the whole collection AND the models walking, gotta say love seeing them smile and twirl like they did. And apart from a few looks, really do love the collection. I think the best part about the clothes is the choice of color and how flattering the general silhouettes are (unlike Alexander Wang's ss2010 . . . sorry had to say it [too]).

Marc Jacobs

Uhhhh, well, starting with what I did like, the colors for example (especially that blue he used for a good chunk of his collection) were lovely and also very formal conservative Hilary-Clinton-drinking-champagne kind of colors. That and he was creative . . . I guess.
But to get to the point non-kicking-around-the-bush moment, I was sort of like what the bleep bleep bleepers is up with the shiny baby blue bra on top of the orange and cream top? And the ruffles that look kinda cheap and granny (in a not so good way)? And why incorporate the geisha in this? I feel like so many things just went into the collection but it didn't work together. Like if you take all your fav foods and put them together, that it'd probably taste nasty? Yeah, kinda like that . . .

Oh well, so you win some you lose some. Speaking of fashion shows though, anyone check out Chris Benz? The colors were really cute, and the overall collection was a mix between sporty and flirty. But apart from that, I came across a great discovery.


Sandy Claws may you put them in my stockings.

images credited to style.com

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